Who is a winner? A qualified student or a practically well-versed student?

There is a wide gap between what we read in our classes and what a professional does on the practical field. In the actual scenario, academics and practical knowledge are not synonymous to each other. Hence both are different factors while considering the success ratio.
Today's corporate world is full of dynamism and competition. The increasing available work force has given the prospective recruiters to select aspirants from a wide range of heads. Multi degree holders and cross sectoral migration of aspirants has eliminated the sense of job availability and security.
The ever increasing expectations of corporate houses in order to cope with the fierce competition and the dynamic environment has made the working domain very much complex and unpredictable which cannot be defined through any book or syllabus.
We at Career Keeda, believe that the practical knowledge has no alternative when it comes to work front. Even theoretical knowledge (academics) cannot outdo the practical content.
However, the practical understanding can very well make a clear passage of acceptance for the academic domain.
"Practical training and understanding can teach students more about what they want to do and what they don't want to do."
So, a bright and a prosperous career with a clear vision can only be achieved when one understands the practical curriculum closely.


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